COVID-19 | Customer FAQs 

Please note we are currently experiencing high levels of calls from our customers in response to COVID-19. Below are some frequently asked questions to both reassure you and provide you with more information to ensure that you contact us at the right time for your personal circumstances.


How do I apply for a Payment Deferral?

We understand that these are unprecedented and difficult times. Therefore, we are offering customers impacted by COVID-19, the option of a Payment Deferral. Under normal circumstances, we would assess your finances and consider what forbearance options may be most suitable. This is being waived to enable us to implement a more straightforward process at this stressful time.

If you wish we can conduct a full assessment of your finances. Therefore, if you believe that you may be impacted by COVID-19, either directly or indirectly, please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss if the Payment Deferral is a suitable option for you. Click here for the latest information about Payment Deferrals and the link to a downloadable Payment Deferral request form, for you to complete and return to us by email or post.


Am I eligible for a Payment Deferral? 

This is one of a number of options we can offer. The offer of a Payment Deferral can be made available to customers who are either up to date or in arrears. You may be eligible for a Payment Deferral of up to 3 months in one period and a maximum of 6 months in total, We will look at your individual circumstances and offer support on a case by case basis.


Should I cancel my Direct Debit?

Cancelling your Direct Debit is not a Payment Deferral and will be counted as a missed payment if it has not been agreed with us and results in arrears. If you would like to talk about a Payment Deferral, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your mortgage account number in the subject line and we will contact you.  Due to call volumes, this may take longer than the estimated 7 days. 

Please note: if a Payment Deferral is agreed, the Direct Debit mandate will remain in place so payments can resume when the Payment Deferral ends.


This is only a short term measure, what happens if I need support longer term to recover my position when the Payment Deferral expires?

Whilst in the Payment Deferral, the capital sum of the loan remains the same, whilst the interest which would have been paid in the period accrues. The impact on your mortgage payments will be discussed at the outset when you enter into the Payment Deferral. At the end of the period depending on the agreement at the outset this may result in an increased monthly payment.


How does a Payment Deferral work?

The mortgage payment is deferred for a period. The monthly payment changes to zero and interest accrues for the period. This may be particularly appropriate where there is a temporary shortfall of income. However, this is not a solution where, because of a permanent reduction in income, you are unable to afford the full mortgage repayments and there is little prospect of an improvement in your situation in the foreseeable future. Where repayments are deferred you will need to make up these repayments in the future, which could be over the remaining term of the mortgage.


How will this affect my credit score?

Different lenders have different approaches for reporting to Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs).  Arrears that are accrued may be reported to CRAs.  We will, in the case of Payment Deferrals, ensure that it will not adversely impact your credit history. 


What if I am already in Arrears?

You should continue to speak to us, we will review your existing arrangements if there is a change in circumstances.


I have a Buy to Let Mortgage; am I entitled to a Payment Deferral?

If you have tenants impacted by COVID-19 and your mortgage is either not in arrears or in an up to date arrangement you may be eligible for a Payment Deferral of up to 3 months in one period and a maximum of 6 months in total, to enable you to pass on this benefit to your tenants. 


Lenders have agreed a moratorium until 1 April 2021 on Residential and Buy to Let possession action, what does this mean?

It means no homes will be repossessed at this difficult time and lenders will not commence any court action.

Will anything happen during this time?

We will still be able to issue formal demands to ensure that any impacted customers are fully informed of the money they owe and understand that this will eventually go to possession proceedings. Whilst this letter will expire 15 working days after being issued, we will not take any action until after 1 April 2021.

Are there any exceptions to the moratorium?

Yes, action will still proceed as normal in relation to empty properties or where you as a customer want the possession to go ahead.

For Buy to Let loans we will still use a Receiver of Rent where appropriate, but would not move to possession if the tenant could not pay, during this period.