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Homes for Ukraine (updated 25 March 2022)
We are supportive of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.  If you wish to share your home, you do not need our permission nor do you need to inform us. However:

• You need to maintain your mortgage payments
• With the current squeeze on family budgets, please think carefully before applying and consider visiting the Money Helper website for free and impartial money guidance
• If you are considering offering an annex or a second home, this may create a formal tenancy arrangement. We therefore recommend that you take appropriate advice first, as we would need to consent to a formal tenancy.

We also recommend that you

.• Check the terms and conditions of your Buildings and Contents insurance provider(s) as you may need to notify them.
• Visit the UK government's Home for Ukraine web pages for the latest details about the scheme. .


We are committed to supporting our customers and providing the highest level of customer care. We also recognise that managing your financial affairs can sometimes become challenging, particularly as a result of changing economic or personal circumstances. If you are worried about meeting your mortgage payments, or if you have any concerns over the future affordability of your mortgage payments, we are here to help. Contacting us at the earliest opportunity can often ensure that a solution is found. So, if you are experiencing difficulty in making your payments, or if you have any concerns over the future affordability of your mortgage, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Our team of experienced staff will be happy to explain possible options available to you based on your current and future circumstances.